#My2019Story – Ozioma Paul

Helloooo peopleeeeee! I'm so excited to do this. Thank you sooo much to every who shared in the past week... thankful to everyone who read, shared, left a comment. Honestly, I wasn't going to do this. First because this year alone seemed like nine years. It was longgg. I knew if I did the #My2019Story … Continue reading #My2019Story – Ozioma Paul

#My2019Story – FeranmiOG

Unlike many people, I am not ambitious and don’t like setting lofty goals. So for 2019, I had no new year resolutions or a list of things I wanted to achieve. “ Fake deep” but Time is a social construct designed to keep you running around till you die I would like to break this … Continue reading #My2019Story – FeranmiOG