Grateful! My Near-Death Accident Experience

I messaged my manager on Skype at some minutes to 4pm as is my daily custom to confirm if his expected deliverable of me that day was same as was in my head. Just so it's not 5'O Clock and I realize I missed a task. I left the office at exactly 5'O Clock and … Continue reading Grateful! My Near-Death Accident Experience


#My2018Story – Ozioma Amaka Paul

Hiya Peopleeeee! Happppppppy new year! I wish I could give every single reader of mine a warm happy new year hug, but I can't for obvious reasons 😂😂😂 I can't be everywhere for every dear reader of mine. So just hug yourself for me. Wait... make sure no one is looking o. Just hug yourself and … Continue reading #My2018Story – Ozioma Amaka Paul

#My2018Story – Esasina Kodjo

When Ozy of asked me to join #MY2018STORY, I readily agreed because I wanted to inspire others with my journey. 2018 has been a year of many downs and ups.I had a lot of plans,thankfully majority of them were realized through sweat,tears,smiles and a lot of prayers. God came through for me every single day,I mean it … Continue reading #My2018Story – Esasina Kodjo