Ten Things I Love About Myself – The Challenge

Hello Guys!

Before I go further with this post, I want to quickly say a big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who checked on me after my last post through the comments and otherwise. Some people found and messaged me on my social media platforms. Some people called right after reading the post. Hehe! It was overwhelming! Thanks so much guys. Feels so good to be loved and cared for. Thank God also for life and for tremendously speedy recovery. The sling was removed last week and I’m back to work this week 🙂

First Day at work! Yayyyyy! So so thankful to God! 🙂

So to today’s post, before this incident, my friend, Melody started this #10ThingsILoveAboutMyself Challenge and I thought it lovely to join her. She actually nominated me 🙂🙂🙂.

After the incident, I started over again. The #10ThingsILoveAboutMyself challenge basically is about discovering yourself and loving yourself. For me personally, this was a worthy challenge because when it’s time to talk about what I don’t like about myself, I could give you a textbook. Lol… No jokes.

But once it’s time to talk about what I love, maybe out of modesty 🙄🙄🙄 (which is even funny because refusing to acknowledge your awesomeness is not humility at all) or the fact that I just say I love myself, #SelfLove and all that but I really don’t or I don’t know how to love myself.

But you see this is very crucial because if you cannot love yourself, you can’t love others. I’m going to quote from the greatest book ever, “Love thy neighbor as thy self” And we are quick to hammer on the “Love your neighbor” part but the truth is you can only love your neighbor at the level at which you love yourself. You can’t figure out how to love someone else if you haven’t learned to love yourself first.

I should add this: Contrary to what some think, marriage doesn’t entirely solve loneliness problem. It is healthier to be content with being YOU even as a single person (with your unique features and all) so that with or without another person and regardless of external factors, you are WHOLE and happy with yourself.

Beyond these, what triggered me and made me jump on this challenge was this: when I saw #10ThingsILoveAboutMyself, I thought it was easy only for me to be stuck at number 3.  I was so surprised. As we speak, I still have Day10 to complete. Maybe I’d find it as I conclude this post and include it. Infact some of those things I love about myself, I battled with writing them down because society has made it look ‘uncool’ or something like that. But I wrote them down anyway, in a bid to unlearn the ways of this society and love who God has made me to be.

So I’ll quickly run through the 9 things I love about Ozioma Amaka Paul, I’ve learned of myself in these past few weeks and maybe number 10 would come. Lol.

  1. I like that I am very persistent. Once my mind is made up on a matter, it is almost impossible for me to give up on it until I see it come to fruitition.

    In my natural element 🙂
  2. I can playyyyyy! People, I can play! I have the ability to play shamelessly even in the face of chaos. It can never be that deep for me that I can’t play. I try to be serious outside lest I be taken for granted which is sooo hard. Lol! but my family and close friends gets full dose of me. I think they sometimes get tired but as they can’t disown me… Hehehe! I love that this is how I deal with tension and stress – my own survival skill.
  3. I love my eyes. I think they are absolutely gorgeous. Call it vanity o, na you sabi. Growing up, I didn’t like  my eyes because they used to itch all the time and once Apollo is in town, you’ll know with my eyes. 😂 They were way too sensitive and I used to misplace my glasses like no man’s business. Anyways, I have come to love my eyes with its sensibilities 🙂
  4. I am an open person. I am not a closed book. I believe in sharing my life journey, not just the good but even the not so good details. I hope that maybe one day, someone somewhere would stumble on them and would go on just because. So I tell my stories and life’s journey on different platforms. My WhatsApp people enjoy the most. Lol. Of course, I don’t share everything. I have my private life (my family, love life, and some others) but I am relatively open particularly to my circle.
  5. I am very hardworking – actually on the verge of being a workaholic.

    Another fine picture of me cos I don’t want you reading too much text with no break *winks*
  6. I love that I’m extremely dramatic. I must have inherited this from my mom! I used to grow up wanting to be so quiet. It was such a conflict within me. Sometimes, I’m sitting quiet but within me I’m doing flips and screaming  😂 I have come to love myself now -drama and all.
  7. I can multitask for Africa. No exaggeration. I am really multi talented also.
  8. I am extremely emotional. Lol. I can tear up at the littlest and biggest things: maybe happiness, death of a loved one, a book I’m reading or a film on Africa Magic. I am quick to express how I feel with or without permission of the hard girl inside me *Rolling my eyes*
    Some think this to be a weakness but I don’t think so. I believe there is strength in vulnerability. All in all, I like how I can better relate with God and with those around me with my emotions.💜💜💜
  9. I am super passionate about the things I believe in.
  10. I know how to love. I’m a super friend, family member and lover. I just really know how to love up on people. 😇😇😇

    Yet another fine picture! Actually, I’m love with this gorgeous ring 🙂

See that! I did it *Dancingggg* I honestly didn’t know Day10 as at start of this article.

Like I said earlier, the point isn’t to make me or you proud but to teach you more about yourself and to make you love yourself as you really should. I want to encourage you to do this. I first did this on my WhatsApp status. You can choose to do it anyhow you want. Even if it’s your journal or diary. But each day for 10 days, document in some form one thing you love about yourself. This would teach you to actually love yourself. That’s the only way you can learn to truly love others. Many people don’t relate well with others and always have problems with their several relationships – simply because they always project their insecurities and dislikes for themselves on other people.

I’ve come the end of this post. Thank you for reading and I strongly encourage you to partake in this Challenge.

I would like to nominate a few of my favorite bloggers for this #10ThingsILoveAboutMyself Challenge:

Wow. I need more male blogger friends too o. Please hook me up with male bloggers you know in the comment section. Gracias!

I’ll also like to know your thoughts on this subject of #selfLove and please tell me how many things came to your mind at first when you thought about #10ThingsILoveAboutMyself. The highest I’ve heard is 5. Let’s see how this goes. Special thanks to Melody for thinking this up👏👏👏

Cheers guys! 💜💜💜


11 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love About Myself – The Challenge

  1. Hey sweetie
    You look dapper. Does it still hurt though?
    I hope you feel so much better.
    I can relate to the playful. I have a sister who is extra serious with books and stuff, it’s extra hard cause sometimes I just want to play. I am a lover too but I try to mask it. I hate to be the first to show emotions. I feel vulnerable. You are my friend in my head🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Faith! 🙂
      Thanks a lot.
      It does hurt when I try to move it some ways or do somethings.
      But I do feel better, loads better.
      Hehehe! @your last statement. Thank you!
      Cheers! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Really interesting. I’m inspired to blog on this too. Thank you Ozioma.

    About self love, I’ll say it is knowing what is best for you and doing it unafraid, or without the influence of other people. No human knows you more than you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Lola! 🙂
      Thank you for reading also.
      “I’ll say it is knowing what is best for you and doing it unafraid, or without the influence of other people” – This spoke to me also. Being and Loving you without externally interference.
      Welcome also to my blog 🙂 Cheers!


  3. Such a refreshing post o. Lol. Girl, when I say I love my eyes too, people seem to think I’m just vain but seriously in your writings, na dem Sabi. Lol.

    And you are funny o. Please Coman love up on me or teach me how to love up on people, my ex-boyfriends will attest that I’m a bad lover. Hian!! *rollseyes
    Also, let’s just be friends. I’m not a male blogger, but at least I’m sincere.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sharon!
      Please love on your eyes well, It’s not you being vain.
      *Covering my face* @You are funny
      Hehe! I just think Love is innate in the heart of man. You just have to allow it flow out of you. Does this even make sense? Lol.
      I think Love is in all our hearts. We may not always get it right but we are all capable of love.
      And I’ve just been to your blog. I love what you’re doing with your space. I’ve followed already 🙂
      Cheers to many more blog posts and a new friendship 🙂


  4. You do have really beautiful eyes!!!
    Self love to me means seeing your imperfections as perfect, enjoying your own company and being the best version of you.
    I Enjoyed reading this Thank you


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