#My2019Story – FeranmiOG

Unlike many people, I am not ambitious and don’t like setting lofty goals. So for 2019, I had no new year resolutions or a list of things I wanted to achieve.
“ Fake deep” but Time is a social construct designed to keep you running around till you die
I would like to break this my story into as many parts as I can

In the final part of 2018, I just finished my first semester of grad school and my grades were in a terrible place. For my school and course, you couldn’t get more than 2 c’s all through the duration of your course and I had 2c’s already in the 1st semester with 3 more semesters to go. The future wasn’t looking good at all and it was one area I had to fix or else I would find myself out of school after spending that much money. I’m glad to say that as at now by the end of 2019. I didn’t get any more C’s and hardly got B’s. It was an incredible turnaround especially in my 3rd semester when I had 5 a’s . I don’t want this to sound like a fairy tale story so I am not going to say I knew it was gonna be okay. I like to pride myself on being a hard guy so I didn’t cry, but there were days I spent time in deep thought contemplating the worst . As you read this , you may be in a similar condition in one area of your life or the other. My advice to you is to never give up and to pray like God hears you . To hope for the best and expect the best.

Haq haq
My career path is that of a confused man. But out of confusion comes order and I think 2019 was the year I finally discovered what I wanted to do. I’ve been through all the disciplines in my life . I was a science student studying literature in secondary school whose best subject was economics. In University, my major was finance but that was my worst subject. I made a decision to finally do something for myself this year and chose to specialise in marketing cause I’ve always had a thing for words. I also spent time identifying the gaps in society and where I could provide value. I love taking pictures so I bought a camera and started playing around with it. one day I took it to an event I school and asked if I could volunteer to take pictures , they said yes.

From that day onward, the trajectory of my life changed for the better all because I opened my mouth to ask.

Shooting my shot was a highlight of 2019 for me. There were many L’s (losses) but also incredible W’s (wins). I applied for jobs and got turned down. I applied to give a ted talk and got turned down. But there were also incredible W’s like becoming the ambassador for my school and getting a job.

You donno what is going on
I entered 2019 single and I’m leaving single 💃💃💃 You see, consistency is key in life. Even with all the pressure and God when posts …I made it through 💃
I really wanted to find a partner this year sha, but we move as always.
You don’t always get what you want and that’s part of life

In Summary
I’ll like to share my favorite quote and what guides my thought process.
It says, “The ship is safe at shore, but that’s not why it was created” Everyone has their comfort zones, no one likes to step out of there but the truth is that nothing grows there. Your purpose is always found outside your comfort zone. This is one way you discover purpose …by stepping into unfamiliar terrains

Final words…
My advice for you going into 2020 is to keep shooting for the stars. Keep shooting your shot and counting the L’s to the game. Every time you apply for something and get rejected, rejection becomes less painful and you’re simultaneously becoming better at applying.

The more you shoot, the more you chances of winning

I hope you enjoyed reading this but more importantly that you have a great year! Don’t forget that nothing works unless you do!

I’ll be rooting for you 🙂

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