I am proudly Igbo. But I loveeeeee Lagos! I grew up here and I still live here.

I think Lagos has this scent and vibe of hustle. It just makes you want to do more. It has its wahala too but.. Overall, it is a fine city.

In this space.. I share my experiences and daily tales.. some good, some bad, some others ugly. It is a way of offloading the day’s drama which is usually a lot. I hope they make you smile and keep you coming back😄

Sit back, drink iced tea and Enjoy! And oh please don’t forget to share and leave comments too. Your comments, they make me oh so happy so please keep them coming😀 And no, Gov. Ambode isn’t paying me yet. But soon and very soon😁 That’s why I need you to ginger me with your shares and comments. Thank you in advance😆

PS: my manner and language of writing can be funny… And mixed with Yoruba, Igbo and pidgin. Please bear with me. I can best express myself with a combination of these. Some other times, I don’t know the language but if you see a new word you aren’t sure about, try pronouncing it as it is spelt. I’m sure you’d gerrit. See! Not so hard, huh?Tenkiu for understanding 😃

With plenty love,

The Lagos girl😘