#My2018 – Faithful Folorunsho

I started 2018 in high hopes for better things. 2017 was a year of intense grief for me as one thing seemed to pile over the other from losing my mom and aunt on the same day to other events that were clearly a downward spiral; so when 2018 started, I really wanted things to … Continue reading #My2018 – Faithful Folorunsho


#My2018 – Samuel Adeniran

Today is 27th December, 2018 and I am typing this review with my dream laptop, a MacBook Pro. Honestly, as I recap 2018, all I have is gratitude. Gratitude! Gratitude for how God has brought me this far. I will take my 2018 story in bits.... First - My faith journey This is one of … Continue reading #My2018 – Samuel Adeniran