How I spent Easter – My First Road Trip Outside the Country 

I had planned to travel down to Lagos from my current work station in Abuja on Wednesday night but it didn't work out. I had some challenges at work that didn't allow me travel that day. I was very pained because the group I was to travel with were to leave on Thursday by 6am. … Continue reading How I spent Easter – My First Road Trip Outside the Country 


We Mustn’t All Be Programmers

In recent times, particularly in Nigeria, there is such a huge drive towards programming. While it is good that we are getting more technology inclined, I think justice isn't being done to IT as a whole. Everyone is talking about programming but programming isn't all there is. There is IT Support, Data Analysis, Network Engineering, … Continue reading We Mustn’t All Be Programmers

#My2018Story – Esasina Kodjo

When Ozy of asked me to join #MY2018STORY, I readily agreed because I wanted to inspire others with my journey. 2018 has been a year of many downs and ups.I had a lot of plans,thankfully majority of them were realized through sweat,tears,smiles and a lot of prayers. God came through for me every single day,I mean it … Continue reading #My2018Story – Esasina Kodjo