#My2019Story – OreOluwa Eni-Ibukun


31st December 2018. I was in the car with my cousin. He asked, “Ore, what’s the plan for the new year?” That question aroused a cocktail of feelings - a fatal mix of anger, self-pity with a dash of fear. My cousin was genuinely concerned but I was sick of hearing, “What next?” 2018 had … Continue reading #My2019Story – OreOluwa Eni-Ibukun

#My2019Story – Jokotola Odusami

6:01pm. 25th December, 2019. Lagos, Nigeria. I have been staring at my system for the past 30 minutes, unsure of how to start this. My 2019 had three seasons in one - Clarity, Growth, Thrive.  My body feels like it’d lived nine lives. Clarity Weeks before I completed NYSC, everyone but me was fixing their … Continue reading #My2019Story – Jokotola Odusami

Being Nigerian: A Blessing or A curse?

Being Nigerian

I woke up yesterday to horrific news of the Xenophobia happening in South Africa and my heart was saddened. It was saddened even further when I heard about the violence in Nigeria where people were attacking South-African owned businesses, stealing and all that evil forgetting that these are Nigerian-owned properties and Nigerians work in these … Continue reading Being Nigerian: A Blessing or A curse?