#My2019Story – Chigo Paul

I started 2019 as a fresh graduate. One who was grateful to finally be done with school but wasn't excited about it because of her grades. I came out with a 2:2 and I'm sure you already know how anyone that graduates with less than 2:1 is looked at πŸ™„. People said the most Chai! … Continue reading #My2019Story – Chigo Paul

#My2019Story – Alex Ubaka

I don’t remember how the year started...some folks can tell you how the 1st of January was boring or sunny and all that. Well, not me. A few days to the start of the year, I went away, to somewhere quiet and had a deep and long talk with myself. I needed the year to … Continue reading #My2019Story – Alex Ubaka

Birthday Bants || 12 + 1 Lessons I have learnt along the way

My birthday is in a few hours πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ and I'm feeling so un-birthday-like. Lol... understandably so. It is exams season and thankfully I do not have any exams on my birthday but it is right in between two exams. So even if I had plans to flex, I cannot flex with my chest because exams … Continue reading Birthday Bants || 12 + 1 Lessons I have learnt along the way

Being Nigerian: A Blessing or A curse?

Being Nigerian

I woke up yesterday to horrific news of the Xenophobia happening in South Africa and my heart was saddened. It was saddened even further when I heard about the violence in Nigeria where people were attacking South-African owned businesses, stealing and all that evil forgetting that these are Nigerian-owned properties and Nigerians work in these … Continue reading Being Nigerian: A Blessing or A curse?